Clifton Performance Theatre – February 12th, 2010

“Loved the show – can relate to all the phases of life. Loved the songs, words, the wonderful ladies and the theme most of all! Keep up the great work! Thank you.”
- Sue Green, Kenwood OH

“Laughed and cried. Loved the music, costumes, staging…. Moving… Will tell more people.”
- Kimberlee Jerks, N Kentucky

After the first act, the girls from the cast, Carol (who has worn many hats on this run – from understudying two parts, to designing sets and wardrobe and assistant directing) and I were all back stage trying to stay in character despite the excitement of the opening night. My mom walked in, hugged me and said with the biggest, proudest smile on her face: “I gave her birth!”.

I’m not sure if she knew just how much her comment meant to me.

I was actually nervous last night – wondering if I had succeeded to get my message across, if my thoughts were able to translate through the characters and to the audience (not an easy task considering my thoughts are still Croatian even if I think them in English) :)

I guess if the success of the opening night can be measured by the RSVPs that are coming in all morning for the reminder of our short run, we have a hit!