On Sunday, July 25th 2010, the Cincinnati Playwrights Initiative sponsored a cold reading of “My Perfectly Beautiful Life: A Musical.” mpbl-blog

“It was a great opportunity to present my work to the members of Cincinnati Playwrights Initiative”, says Tajci who read the part of Roberta at this event. “I found it very challenging to present a musical sitting down in a chair. The music and interpretation along with the movement convey all the unwritten sub-context, create the most powerful moments and are an integral part in telling the story. I was very pleased that even from our chairs, we were able to move the audience.”

There were both women and men in the audience, married and single, ages twenty-something to late sixities, many of whom had never seen Tajci’s work.  During the Q&A after the reading, audience members commented on the beautiful soulful songs that successfully paint pictures of life’s fleeting moments.

One young man, recently engaged, commented how the play helped him realize that girls need space and time for themselves. He said it made him be mindful of not getting into a situation where his beautiful future wife might feel suffocated by him or his demands.

An older woman with a flower in her hair said she missed the character’s husbands’ point of view in the play, and another wished the characters talked more about the kids’ experiences.

The audience easily picked up the theme of “My Perfectly Beautiful Life” – to be true to yourself and the importance of having close friendships.

According to CPI, the Playwriting Salon is a new “initiative” to explore the feasibility of providing a creative forum that focuses on the issues and challenges of vital interest to members– the art and craft of playwriting. The principal value of cold readings is that they are easy to set up and require no rehearsal time, yet they provide valuable feedback.

Along those lines, the evening was a successful and important step in the development of “My Perfectly Beautiful Life: A Musical”

Cold Reading Cast:

Carol Brammer (Narrator)
Tatiana (Tajci) Cameron (Roberta)
April Combs (Jenna)
Serenity Fisher (Mindy)
Michele Laser (Anna)
Jim Swartwout (piano)