Audience Feedback From FEBRUARY 8, 2011 performance at Aronoff Center for the Performing Arts – Jarson Kaplan Theatre:

“It is crazy trying to ‘be everything’ these days. Women have a lot more pressure and responsibility than they did before.  We do our best but it’s exhausting and easy to feel like a failure”
- Sheree Paolello, WLWT-News anchor and journalist was excited about the play and accepted the invitation to open the evening with a welcome address

“You touch my heart.  The play was wonderful!! I’m so glad you had such a great turnout.  My sister-in-law really enjoyed it.  She’s had a very tough life.  It was great for the two of us to have a little getaway.”
- Sue Kohut drove from Cleveland, OH to see the play. She and her sister-in-law used the play to make a two day girls getaway trip

“Tajci, I thoroughly enjoyed your play as well as your performance and those of the other 3 gals.  It truly touched home with me many times as I have had to juggle the roles of working woman, wife, and mother over the last 35 years…  I laughed and cried at several scenes last evening because they brought back a flood of memories…not always good ones.

Thank you for touching my life and reminding me that it is……perfectly beautiful!!!”
- Sharon Lang

“I loved it!  My family loved it too.  You are such a talented person that it’s kind of crazy.  I wanted a CD to take home with me. I would totally pay to see it again, and my friends and family will definitely go see it again with more friends and family.”
Alison Hader is a third grade teacher at a Catholic School in Cincinnati, OH. She has been recently married.

Audience Feedback from the Workshop Run in February 2010 at Clifton Performance Theatre in Cincinnati

“I am absolutely in shock with the exceptional quality of acting and singing. The voices are amazing and the lyrics are incredible.  You have captured the inner working of the minds of today’s woman and have put her fears and insecurities in center stage. I am sitting by two young women whom I don’t know but we are definitely resonating to the theme of your production.  You have created and performed a modern masterpiece for today’s working woman who is juggling all the demands of husband, children, work and sanity!”

-       Jean Neils Strunjas, University Professor, Northern KY

“Though my two sons are grown and on their own, I can totally identify with Roberta. The song I Need a Break brought tears to my eyes as I remembered a lonely difficult marriage where I lost myself.  Even though I’m on my own now for years, the story and music brought it all right back.  Well written and lovely voices!”

-       Nancy Phillips, Executive Director, Cincinnati OH (Hyde Park)

“Loved the second act especially. Really got an authentic feel for the girl’s relationships with each other…. The final song I Miss You – great song!”

-       Nicolas Petricca, Singer/Songwriter, Cincinnati OH (Anderson)

“Laughed and cried..  Loved the music, costumes, staging… Characters were real, incredibly realistic… Will tell more people…”

-       Kimberlee Jerks, Northern KY